PEaK Training
Sensory Supports In the School
Mental Health Training - Heidi
UDL Training
ESU 6 Office Closed - Memorial Day
Structuring the Learning Environment
Creating a Verbal Behavior Program-Moving from Assessment to Implementation
EI Team Meeting
Support Staff Tech PD Day
Conf Room - Infection Control Conference
Hope Champions Network
PRT Annual Meeting
Special Education Finance Series Day 2
ESU 6 Office Closed - Thanksgiving
Mental Health Planning Mtg
ESU 6 Office Closed - Memorial Day
One day overview of engaged and on task for support staff
PEAK Verbal Behavior
Mental Health Training
September PRT Meeting
ESU 6 New Administrators Luncheon - Conf Center
ESU 6 Office Closing Early - Memorial Day
NDE New Superintendent Orientation - Conf Room
Instructional Coaches Network | Session 5
ESU 6 Office Closing Early - Labor Day
Telling your Story through Social Media
NE Juvenile Justice Association - Conf Room
Documenting Needs and Supports Throughout a Learner's Day
SRS Training
Special Education Finance Day 3
Conf Room - Threat Assessment Training
ESU 6 LETRS Cohort 1 | Session 4
STEPS 22-23 Day 1
ESU 6 Office Closed - Christmas
Reg Psych Mtg -Holli @ PK
NWEA / NDE Meeting - Board Room
Basic Skills for Young Learners
November PRT Meeting
World Language Collaborative Unit Planning | Spring 2023
Title 1 Network
Verbal Behavior
Mental Health Institute
Essenials for Living via Zoom
Bright and Verbal Girls on the Spectrum
Sixpence Advisory Meeting
Mental Health Training
Hope Champions Network
Annual PRT Meeting
ESU 6 Office Closing Early - Christmas
Mental Health Institute
One-Day Overview of Engaged and On Task for Support Staff
Verbal Behavior
Fidelity Work
All Staff Meeting
Amplify CKLA Gr. 3-5 | Strengthening Session Summer 2023
Amplify CKLA Gr. K-2 | Initial Training Summer 2023
Michele & SC
EI Team Meeting
Electronic Contractors Service
CRAVE Graduation
ESU 6 Office Closing Early - Thanksgiving
Structuring the Learning Environment
Mental Health Institute
April PRT Meeting
504 Basics
EIS- Zoom Check Ins
IEP Facilitation Tier 1 and 2
UDL Training
Michele & Heidi
ESU 6 Office Closed - Easter
Cooperative Learning for the K-12 Classroom: Session 2
2023 Mental Health Institute
ESU 6 Office Closing Early - Easter
FBA and BIPS for School Teams
October PRT Meeting
Amplify ELA Gr. 6-8 | Initial Training Summer 2023
Verbal Behavior
Refine & Refocus
ESU 6 Office Closed - Labor Day
ESU 6 Office Closing Early - 4th of July
Creating a Verbal Behavior Program: Moving from Assessment to Instruction
Amplify CKLA Gr. 3-5 | Initial Training Summer 2023
504 Advanced
STEPS 22-23 Day 2
Teacher Librarian Network
Math 2.0: Building Thinking Classrooms | Session4
NDE School Mental Health Advisory Committee-Host Only
ESU 6 Office Closing Early - Memorial Day
Level 3 Threat Management Training - Conf Center
Transition Training
ESU 6 Office Closed - Memorial Day
ITDE Book Study / Discussion - Pizza Kitchen
Title 1 Network
March PRT Meeting
Norri UDL Planning
ESU 6 MTSS Leadership Team
Visual Phonics @ PK
Amplify CKLA Gr. K-2 | Strengthening Session Summer 6.20.23
February PRT Meeting
FBA/BIP Training
ESU 6 Office Closed - 4th of July
Teaching the “Must Have” Skills
LAN Managers
ESU 6 Board of Directors
ESU 6 Board of Directors