ESU 6 Transition Program Hosts Kindness Day at SCC


ESU 6 Transition Program Hosts Kindness Day at SCC

Young adults at ESU6 Transition Programs CRAVE and Project SEARCH hosted the 3rd annual Kindness Day on November 16, 2022 at SCC-Milford.  This year’s Kindness Day theme was, “Kindness is free, sprinkle that stuff everywhere!”, a reminder that kindness isn’t necessarily about big gestures or stuff, but giving of oneself in little ways to brighten someone’s life or encourage.  

CRAVE and Project SEARCH students worked together with SCC Student Senate and hosted cornhole games at various locations across campus, passed out popcorn snacks, played PLINKO, painted Kindness Rocks and handed out positive affirmations.  Students, parents and community members were all invited to play games, eat lunch, wear their kindness day shirts and practice simple acts of kindness.  Local photographer, Lynn Ihde, captured many of these activities and CRAVE parent, Caroline Felhafer, supported the Kindness Rocks activity.  

Caption:  CRAVE and SEARCH students host PLINKO and Positive Affirmations for SCC Students, Staff and visiting High School Students.


Additional involvement from ESU6 SUCCESS - Fillmore Central, Dorchester, Norris, Milford and Seward schools also occurred in various ways to carry out their own Kindness Days.  Community Business member Farmers and Merchants Banks hosted  an ice cream bar and wore kindness shirts to show appreciation to their customers and the community.  ESU6 staff members attended games, shared lunch and encouraged the CRAVE and Project SEARCH students in their leadership of activities.  

Caption: Farmers and Merchants Bank staff sporting Kindness shirts.


CRAVE and Project SEARCH young adults were able to practice leadership and service skills that they can take back to their communities after they graduate and become involved in local community organizations and events.  These independent living skills are essential for young adults to develop in order to participate meaningfully in adult communities as they move towards adulthood.  Kindness Day 2022 was a huge success and we look forward to hosting it again next year!