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In 1965, the Nebraska Legislature created a network of 19 Educational Service Units (ESUs) as a means to provide specialized services to schools.  The major impetus of the legislation was to encourage the sharing of limited resources by multiple school districts in a cost effective and efficient state-wide model as well as to create an intermediate education agency structure that would more efficiently disseminate information, training, and other critical education support services than could happen from the state level.

By combining resources, equipment, and manpower, ESU 6 is able to provide a variety of technology, technology infrastructure, student services, professional development, instructional materials and administrative services that would otherwise be unavailable, unaffordable, or inconvenient for southeast Nebraska schools. ESU 6 is governed by a 7 member board of directors elected by voters in each of the 7 geographical election districts that ESU 6 is divided into.

ESU 6, in Milford, NE, serves the educational support service needs of students, teachers, and administrators inclusive of:

  • Centennial Public Schools  Utica, NE
  • Crete Public Schools  Crete, NE
  • Dorchester Public Schools  Dorchester, NE
  • Exeter-Milligan Public Schools  Exeter, NE
  • Fillmore Central Public Schools  Geneva, NE
  • Friend Public Schools  Friend, NE
  • Heartland Community Schools  Henderson, NE
  • Malcolm Public Schools  Malcolm, NE
  • McCool Junction Public Schools  McCool Junction, NE
  • Milford Public Schools  Milford, NE
  • Norris Public Schools  Firth, NE
  • Seward Public Schools  Seward, NE
  • Shickley Public Schools  Shickley, NE
  • Waverly Public Schools  Waverly, NE
  • Wilber-Clatonia Public Schools  Wilber, NE
  • York Public Schools  York, NE

While all ESUs are mandated by the state to provide certain “core services,” ESU 6 also offers a variety of services requested by the schools it serves.

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