ESU 6 Leadership Team

ESU 6 Leadership Team

Dr. John Skretta, Administrator
Nichole Hall, Director of Human Resources
Vicki Taylor, Director of Business Services
April Kelley, Director of Professional Development
Dr. Michele Rayburn, Director of Student Services
Jamen Hall, Director of Technology
Holli Lovegrove, Student Services Supervisor

Through a comprehensive STRATEGIC IMPROVEMENT ACTION PLAN, ESU 6 is able to continuously improve on behalf of our schools.

Goal: ESU 6 will continuously advocate to NDE & state officials for sufficient resources in order to meet the growing and ever-changing needs of member school districts.

Goal: ESU 6 will intentionally build and foster internal collaboration among and across departments in order to move together into increased collaborative relationships with our external partners.

Goal: ESU 6 will communicate consistently in order to identify, measure and monitor the ongoing needs of the service unit and our member districts as well as the impact of services developed and delivered.                                              

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