Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS)

The focus of ESU 6 is to provide high quality and timely services to our districts by informing them of current state and national initiative. Current state and national initiatives include a movement called Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS).

The MTSS framework is a 3-tiered model where all students are included in a problem-solving process which focuses on positive academic, social, emotional and behavioral outcomes for all students. In partnership with our districts, we focus on supporting a rapid response to academic and nonacademic needs, providing a rigorous curriculum driven by assessment and date-based problem solving and decision making.

Problem Solving is the process by which assessment data is used to make decisions at the system, group, and individual levels. The steps included in this process are: 1) define the area of need; 2) develop a plan; 3) implement the plan; and 4) evaluate the plan. This process must take place within a system that has shared leadership, an empowering culture for students, staff, and families, and continual opportunities for goal-driven professional learning.

Heidi Farmer

Heidi Farmer
NeMTSS Regional Lead

Scott Eckman

Scott Eckman
Personnel Development Grant Coordinator

Amy Colwell

Amy Colwell
NeMTSS EC Implementation Facilitator 

Improving Learning for Children with Disabilities (ILCD) Projects

ILCD Projects are a Nebraska Department of Education initiative intending to enhance program improvement that will result in better outcomes for children with disabilities. School districts will continue to use data to inform the ILCD process to review their special education programs.  They develop Targeted Improvement Plans (TIP) in Nebraska's system for meeting the tenets of the federal initiative of Results Driven Accountability (RDA).

ESU 6 Professional Development and Student Services departments partner to assist school districts with their improvement activities for students with disabilities. Facilitators partner with districts to gather and analyze data in collaboration with the Continuous School Improvement Process and to assist in the development of TIP. Each Nebraska school district develops a TIP focused on better child and student performance, reporting annually to NDE on the Plan's progress.  Efforts are supported through the Performance Enhancement and Knowledge (PEaK) Project, funded through NDE which supports the MTSS framework and facilitation.

The emphasis is on Results Driven Accountability that targets three Impact Areas:

  • Improving developmental outcomes and academic achievement for children with disabilities
  • Improving communication and relationships among families, schools, communities, and agencies
  • Improving transitions for children with disabilities