Project CRAVE

Project CRAVE is the ESU 6 / SCC - Milford and Concordia University - Seward Transition Program that offers a variety of practice opportunities for secondary students with disabilities, ages 18-21. CRAVE is appropriate for students leaving 9-12 programming that need continued focus on the areas of:

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Independent Living, if appropriate

All services take place at the host sites of SCC - Milford and Concordia University - Seward with age appropriate peers. Young adults rotate through multiple job sites, work on academic skills, practice independent living skills and connect with agencies that may continue with them into adult life.

Project CRAVE application is open to any student that has completed 9-12 programming and has not graduated with a high school diploma (social graduation may have occurred). Application and interview for students can take place by contacting your home school and Project CRAVE.

Michalla Schartz

Michalla Schartz
CRAVE Instructor - SCC

Penni Cummings

Penni Cummings
CRAVE Instructor - SCC & Concordia

Amanda Hinds

Amanda Hinds
CRAVE Instructor - Concordia

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