Provided Services


Email Relay

Two email servers are hosted and maintained by ESU6 to provide an email relay service to school districts.  The email relay service allows schools to send high quantities of email for things such as PowerSchool, copiers, HVAC equipment, etc.  Google limits email to 2,000 messages per day per district.  Our email relay allows up to 20,000 messages per day per district.

ScreenConnect –

ScreenConnect is a remote desktop software application hosted by ESU6 that allows support personnel remote viewing and control of devices from anywhere with an Internet connection.  ScreenConnect also provides remote meeting capabilities.

PRTG Network Monitor –

PRTG is a network monitoring solution hosted by ESU6 that allows school personnel to monitor all network equipment from a web browser or remotely through a phone app.  This software monitors all devices and services on the network and alerts key personnel of issues that need attention on the network.

Documentation -

ESU 6 provides licensing and training for a centralized documentation platform where districts can create, capture, collaborate, and document internal technology processes and procedures.  The system is set up to allow for private internal documentation as well as a public knowledge base to allow for articles to be shared with others outside of the technology staff.

Status Updates –

ESU6 utilizes a status page to communicate scheduled maintenance windows and to notify districts when services are down or experiencing issues.  Districts can register for an account and select what services they would like to receive notifications on.  

Single Sign-On -

ESU6 has developed a single sign-on solution to enable school districts to utilize either Google or Active Directory to authenticate to a central portal to access applications such as ADVISER, the Nebraska Cloud, Kayako, PRTG, ScreenConnect, Moodle, Zoom, Adobe, TestWiz, etc.

Ubiquiti Network Management System -

Ubiquiti Network Management System (UNMS) is a free service hosted by ESU6 which allows districts to easily configure, monitor, upgrade, and backup Ubiquiti equipment.

SFTP Backups

SFTP backup allows schools to backup critical school data such as administration files, accounting data, and PowerSchool backups to an offsite server hosted at ESU6.

Technology Consulting

ESU6 will provide free technology consulting to assist districts with technology planning and direction.  The consulting is free but any labor to implement a solution or troubleshoot an issue inside the district's firewall is considered a paid for service.

Firewall Management

ESU6 will provide free assistance at the firewall to ensure district firewalls are full patched, proper implementation of firewall and port forwarding rules, assistance with public IP assignment, routing, backup internet connection configuration, DHCP relay, SNMP configuration, VLAN configuration, and user management at the firewall.  All content filtering configurations are the responsibility of the district.  ESU6 will assist with content filtering configuration and troubleshooting for an hourly fee.

LAN Manager Meetings

ESU6 will host quarterly LAN Manager Meetings to disseminate best practices between districts, communicate technology updates, issues, and receive feedback from districts on what services are needed.


Group training for services such as Firewall or content filtering management, VLANing, PRTG, switch configurations, wireless, Google G Suite, Mosyle, DNS, etc. as requested by the districts.

Realtime Blacklist Monitoring

ESU6 actively monitors all public IPs assigned to each district for any additions to 117 real-time blacklists (RBLs).  If any school has a public IP end up on a RBL list ESU6 staff will work with the district to clean up any infected machines that may have caused the RBL entry and will then work to remove the school’s public IP from each RBL.

AVTech Environmental Monitoring

ESU6 provides each district with an AVTech 3E and power sensor to monitor building power and alert key personnel when power has been lost.

Asset Management Server Hosting

ESU6 provides each district with a SnipeIT asset management virtual machine for tracking assets.

Public IP Allocation

ESU6 manages all public IPs for each district and ensures that IP assignments are sufficient for future projects and needs.