Mental Health Institute

The ESU 6 Mental Health Institute Planning Team planning consists of representation from both student services and professional development departments. Team members were selected with intentionality of their roles and assignments to provide foundational knowledge to a core team.

The ESU 6 MHI Team supports schools developing a Comprehensive School Mental Health System. The project is supported by the Nebraska Department of Education and the Mental Health Technology Transfer Center. Domains and indicators of quality best practice were established as part of the National Quality Initiative on School Health and were developed through an iterative process led by the National Center for School Mental Health with significant and diverse stakeholder input from the field. The domains of a Comprehensive School Mental Health System include:

  • Teaming
  • Needs Assessment and Resource Mapping
  • Mental Health Promotion (Tier 1 for adults and children)
  • Screening
  • Early Intervention and Treatment
  • Funding and Sustainability
  • Impact
Michele Rayburn

Dr. Michele Rayburn
Director of Student Services

Holli Lovegrove

Holli Lovegrove
Student Services Supervisor

Lynne Herr

Dr. Lynne Herr
PD Technology Consultant

Heidi Farmer

Heidi FarmerNeMTSS Regional Lead