Workshop Information

  • Please note: your district will be charged if there is a 'no show' connected to a workshop with a registration fee. To ensure your district does not get charged, please contact the Professional Development Assistant 24 hours prior to the workshop date.
  • Any date changes or cancellations will be noted on this page as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • For full day on-site trainings, amenities will be provided unless noted otherwise. If you have a special dietary need please contact the Professional Development Assistant to discuss meal accommodations. If you are on a restricted or special diet and choose to bring your own meal, please know we have a refrigerator and microwave for your convenience.  
  • Note of Photographs/Filming:  We may be taking pictures and/or filming our events.  If you do not want your picture published, please let the presenter know immediately.
  • Prior to attending a workshop please make sure all your electronic devices are charged.
  • Mother's Room accommodations are available upon request.